Dive Sites Tenerife

Here is a selection of the dive sites we visit around the coast of Tenerife.


Shore dives.






Depth 7-30 meters. All levels of diver. Deep Water Entry.


A total of 3 different dives, suitable for all levels. This dive site offers reefs, swim through's and overhangs, with a few caves for good photographic opportunities. You will be able to find Trumpet Fish, Trigger Fish, Cuttle Fish, Octopus, the occasional ray and the odd Angel Shark (Nov - April).



Jonny's Drift.



Depth 8-14 meters. All Levels of diver. Beach entry.


A short drive away from our dive center and a short surface swim, brings you this fabulous experience of diving with a fhuge bal of Roncadores. They are amazing and great for photography. Also found here are Angel Shark (Nov-March) Trumpet Fish, Butterfly Ray and Moray Eels.


Turtle Videos on our YouTube page here.



San Miguel Rays



Depth 28-30 meters. Advanced divers only. Beach entry.


We have a short surface swim & then descend to around 1o meters where we follow the marina to the top of the reef. We then are able to swim down to a small wreck that lies at 28 meters. There's many types of Ray that live at this site. Atlantic rays, common rays and eagle rays. Other life includes Damsels, a ball of Roncadores, Trumpet fish, Roncadores and Weavers. Great dive for photography.


Check out the latest video on our YouTube page here.




Moon Pool.



Depth 8-18 meters. All levels of diver. Beach entry.


This impressive dive starts with a giant stride entry into the top of a cave. Followed by a 6 meter swim, through the cave out into the open Atlantic Ocean. Then we follow the wall back round to the beach exit. This dive offers lots of life with the added bonus of overhangs, caves and rock formations similar to the Giant Causeway.



Black Cove



Depth 2-18 Meters. All levels of diver. Beach entry/exit.


This dive starts with a short surface swim. You then descend to around 4 meters and swim along a reef. As the reef deepens the rock formations look like the 'Giant Causeway'. There is much life here. Octopus, damsels, eel garden, sting rays, lizard fish and much more.



Abades Beach.



Depth 3-15 meters. All levels of diver. Beach entry


This is a very good site for beginners and newly qualified divers, as well as for underwater photographers. This site offers so much life, its like swimming in an aquarium. The reef is beautiful and full of life. Angel Sharks and Rays live here, with the reef offering everything from Damsels to Moray Eels.



Partridge Bay.



Depth 6-20 meters. All levels of diver. Beach entry.


This dive starts over a reef with varied rock formations. Then drops of to a wall, where you will find a the Garden Eels looking up through the sand. You may also find Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, big Arrow Crabs, Nudibranchs and much more.



Yellow Mountain.



Depth 2-18 meters. All level of diver. Ladder entry/exit.


This dive site is a Marine Reserve. This means fishing has been restricted and also there is a 'Control of Urchins'. All this will hopefully bring back the many types of fish and make this site more beautiful.

The dive starts over a reef where you will see a few urchins, and star fish. The reef drops from about 8 meters to a sandy bottom. Following the reef wall you will find an Eel garden and often many Angel Sharks (Nov-March). The reef turns a corner where it opens into some stunning rock formations with a swim through at 16 meters to 8 meters. Life includes arrow crabs, octopus, scorpion fish and bream.






Depth 18-30 Meters. Wreck. Advanced divers. Ladder entry


This is the easiest shore dive EVER. Easy entry with a short swim to a wreck that lies at 30 meters. This Tug boat is intact and can be penetrated ( with proper training). There is lots of life down here ranging from Sting Rays to Octopus and Atlantic Damsels. Excellent for photography, wreck and deep specialty dives. A must for all wreck dive lovers.


Check out the latest video for this site on our You Tube Page here.



Las Eras



Depth 12- 25 Meters. All levels of Diver. Shore entry


Beach entry with a decent to 3 meters. A lovely reef dive following the wall along to around 18 meters, where you drop of deeper for AOW divers or come up on the wall to the long swim through.

Lots of life here including sting rays, trigger fish, trumpet fish and all the regular reef fish too.